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Are Scrunchies better for your hair than hair rubbers?

Scrunchies for ladies is a subject in itself. For a long time, they have become not just a means to an end but a really cool accessory. The trend has been particularly marked for some time now. Scrunchies.Yeah. The thick scrunchie is a voluminous, creamed fabric-hair gum. It became famous especially in the 1990s, whose style is now totally popular again. In addition to large creoles, plateau shoes, drumsticks and crop tops, the Scrunchies are a must-have for every Fashionist. We at wishproject are also huge fans of the big hair rubbers and now also present our own Scrunchies premium Here. Like all our products, they are made of high-quality fabric and are made by hand with great attention to detail in our studio in Gotha.

Is hair gum bad for your hair?

Scrunchies brush their hair? Yeah. In contrast to traditional hair rubbers, the cool Scrunchie is even particularly gentle. The loose-seated accessory does not cut off the hair and thus reduces hair fracture! Conventional hair rubbers are not healthy for your hair, they cause nods and fractures in the hair structure. Scrunchies, on the other hand, protect your hair because they are made of soft material. All metal parts are omitted, as you know them from other hair rubbers. Drawing when removing the rubber from the hair is therefore a thing of the past with a Scrunchie!

Hair Scrunchies v. Hair gums 

You like to wear a ponytail or a loose tie? Then the Scrunchies are just right for you. While you will find Scrunchies at every corner by now, we would like to encourage you to buy or buy the hip hair rubbers locally. small traders like us to support. Spending fifty cents on a Scrunchie is a bargain, but it also promotes mass production, which is most likely to result from questionable circumstances or even child labour. We buy the fabrics with which we manufacture the Scrunchies locally and manufacture the Scrunchies. in loving manual labor. Our fabrics are also of high quality. 

The Scrunchie of Today

Today's Scrunchie is more diverse than in the 1990s. It is now made from high-quality fabrics such as velvet or silk. We like to use soft Nickel or mixed fabrics. We also love patterns and colorful colors, but of course you also find monochrome Scrunchies at our shopYeah. The thick rubber is particularly suitable for the loose ponytail or the Messy Bun. If you love combinations as much as we do, you will find other accessories from the same fabric! For example, we have appropriate hair bands on offer, but also great Triangles, Scarfs and more. Just take a look around. 

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