Information about cooperations with Wishproject

Hello and thank you for being interested in setting something up together with us! Now, of course, the question is: How does it even work? Since we are not only concerned with our own reach but much more to create added value for all involved - here we have put together the most important points for the process:

1) Blogger*innen

You have a beautifully designed blog that revolves around fashion and accessories, sustainability or lifestyle? Your loyal readership actively comments on your posts and also clicks on one or the other product link from time to time? Really! Because we offer a collaboration to all bloggers with whom Wishproject can identify! Simply fill in our Formand show us your most viral article. After a short examination, we will contact you as soon as possible.

2) VIP discount for social media accounts from 5,000 - 30,000 followers

You have a beautifully designed Instagram profile, which revolves around the topics of fashion, accessories, or lifestyle? Really! Because we offer all Instagram moms & ads that littlehipstar can identify with, a VIP discount of 20% on our entire range. In return, of course, we are delighted to find one or the other piece from our shop in your posts and postings. We find it incredibly exciting what you "Supermoms & -dads" have to share in inspirations - in small and large frames.

Please simply fill in ourFormfrom. After a brief check whether we also fit perfectly in our view, you get your personal discount code and it can start.

3) Giveaways and contests from 15,000 followers

You want to organise a giveaway for your followers with us? We are basically interested in joint contests

Please note: We do not give away any vouchers for our shop. If you would like to organise a giveaway with us, please contact us via our contact form.

4) Individual cooperation with social media accounts from 30,000 followers

You have already established yourself with your Instagram account and numbers like mind. 30,000 followers are a clack for you? Then please fill our Formwith information about you and some suggestions about what kind of cooperation you can imagine. Whether product testing, banner advertising or sponsored post - we are generally open to all forms that bring us forward together. Very happy also long term.

We look forward to receiving mail from you and get in touch as soon as possible!