make a wish...

wishproject, that's us - Kathrin and Steffi, two Schwes*tiere*, who have created a project out of a common idea that makes our, and certainly one or the other

We share a sense of creativity and function – two components that are ultimately reflected in every Wish particle.

As a trained toy designer (Kathrin) and illustrator with a focus on comics (Steffi), we draw from different backgrounds, mixing colorful things with slanted and practical with chic.

Whether loop or loop, bag or crazy "viehcher" – all products unite our creative flow, no matter where and whenever it flows. The ideas never run out for us and our customers, however they may have been so fancy.

Every Wish particle embodies our love for colour and detail, our claim to quality and conscience and always a piece of healthy madness.

In 2009 wishproject™ became a label registered by the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA). In 2011, we moved together with three seamstresses to the great, spacious studio in the heart of gotha's old town.

We do what we love and we love, what we do!

Peace on Life, Love and Pig Angels ♥!


Founders of Wishproject