The 5 most beautiful hairstyles with scrunchies: How to style the trendy hair tie

The 5 most beautiful hairstyles with scrunchies: How to style the trendy hair tie

scrunchie hair tie dandelion motif styling tips

The voluminous scrunchie was not only a real hit in the 90s, but is also totally in trend right now. The XXL hair tie is gentle
your hair and prevents hair breakage. But it also adds to your hairstyles
a very special look. We at wishproject provide our premium
Lovingly handcrafted scrunchies and attach great importance to high quality.
Lightning-fast scrunchie styling ideas to imitate In this blog article we would like to show you how you can style yourself 5 great hairstyles with our scrunchies!

1. Ponytail with scrunchie - great for long hair

Young woman wearing scrunchie hair tie in ponytail pattern dandelion black white

The ponytail with scrunchie is probably the simplest and simplest hairstyle,
that you can do yourself with a scrunchie. The ponytail is awesome
practical and looks really cool. You can keep your hair deep in the
Tie your neck and pull the scrunchie down a little. It looks
especially nice if you pull out a long strand in the front right and left
pulling your hair. If you have long hair, you can also use the scrunchie
tie a high ponytail. Use a conventional hair elastic to do this
for a better hold and simply pull the scrunchie accessory over it! Even if
if you have bangs, this hairstyle looks great and suits many
different styles.

2. Messy bun with scrunchie - especially suitable for thin hair

Young woman wearing messi bun hairstyle with scrunchie hair tie fake knit cable knit berry

Your hair is rather thin and you still want the stylish XXL
Use a hair tie? Then the messy bun is just right for you. The bun
conjures up a cool hairstyle that conjures up a lot of volume in no time at all. Bandage
to do this, gather your hair on top of your head in a ponytail and
then shape the braid into a bun. Now use a flashy one, best
Particularly large scrunchie as an eye-catcher and attach the bun to the head.
Then you can use your fingers to loosen the hair at the roots or
Pull individual strands out of the bun. The messy bun is done with

3. Half bun with scrunchie - for short and medium-length hair

scrunchie hair tie colorful asia motif hairstyle casual half bun

The half bun and the scrunchie just belong together. Surrendered together
she's the trend figure of the year. The half bun is particularly good for
medium length hair. Roughly part the top hair with your fingers and tie it
A high ponytail at the back of your head, which you then shape into a bun.
You close it with a cool scrunchie, tighten it and style with you

after the fingers individual strands. The lower half of the hair hangs casually
below. The half bun gives your hairstyle a playful and feminine look.

4. Braided hairstyle with scrunchie - feminine style as an eye-catcher

scrunchie hair tie asi braided hairstyle braided plait

Braided hairstyles can also be refined with scrunchies. The hair accessories
enhances your wickerwork and gives your look a feminine touch. Stars
like Selena Gomez do it: Tie yourself a high ponytail and
secure it to the head with a scrunchie. Then you braid a braid all the way through
the tips and close it at the bottom with a normal hair tie. Is done
the great braided hairstyle with scrunchie!

5. Space buns with scrunchie - for freaky hairstyles

Do you like it unusual and stylish? Then join the trend around
around the space buns. The hairstyle is on Instagram under the hashtag
#spacebuns really popular right now. Space buns got their name because of them easily remember the hairstyle of Princess Leia from Star Wars. You pull yourself on Part the head in the middle and part the hair to the right and left. Then bind you have two small braids on the top of your head, which you then put into a bun and fasten with two scrunchies. The space buns look even cooler when you let a few strands of casual bangs fall out next to your face.
We hope we could give you some inspiration like yours
Style your Scrunchie in a number of different ways. No matter if long, short, thick or thin hair - with our premium scrunchies you can do any hairstyle
Eye catcher. Have a look around in our shop and find scrunchies next to us
also many other homemade hair accessories - of course with a lot of love and
Heart made in our wishproject Atelier Gotha!

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