5 stylish accessories for your colourful spring

5 stylish accessories for your colourful spring

Ciao Winter and Hello Spring! This means: From into the sun and out to the fresh air. We want to leave the winter behind-we want colour, we want lightness! In order to master your transition from winter to spring, we have five stylish accessory ideas for you, which will give you a lot of inspiration for your spring wardrobe. Magic with us in no time.most beautiful and spring-like outfit combinations.

Light cloths in fresh colours-your must-have accessory in spring

Especially in the warm spring air it does well to wear a light cloth pleasant around the neck. Our light wipes you will find in the most beautiful colors and with hip flowers and animal prints, perfect to upgrade your spring outfit. The triangular piece with knob can be worn not only by both sides, but also by the asymmetrical cut to vary according to your needs. Wear the big summer cloths loosely around the neck or relax as a stole over the shoulder. In this way you have the perfect companion with a light cloth just in the transition period.

Happy Little Bags-your practical companion in all ways

The Happy Little Bag is the trend for spring! Hanging bags are never out of fashion and our Happy Little Bags thus the perfect companions for your spring trips. In the chic shoulder bag, all your belongings can be stored in a compact way and are super protected
from splashing water and shocks. We manufacture the small shoulder bags for you from vegan wash leather with strong colors and prints. Wear the Happy Little Bag in a wide variety of variants, as Crossbody Bag, on a shoulder, as a chest bag, or as a hipbag/belt bag around the hip. Thanks to the adjustable soft cord, you can use the length of the shoulder bag easy

Hair ribbons-bring order to your spring hairstyle

Colorful, practical and super-beautiful, so let our Hair bands . You are the Eyecatcher for your spring outfit. With the lovingly made hair ribbons, you not only look stunning, but also miss the finishing touches to your dreamy spring hairstyle. Especially on cooler spring days, our stylish hair ribbons are perfect for your ears to
Warm. You leave a lot of space so you can put your cool hairstyling perfectly into the scene. Choose the right hair jewelry for your spring outfit. We offer you a selection of cuddly soft Niki or light cotton, bright colors or hip prints.

With fashionable cuffs you are well prepared for all weather conditions

A spring wind blows against you and the April weather will take you around the nose? No problem, because with our Stulpen You are well equipped during the transition period. Our cuffs in the warm knit or cosy Niki fabric keep your wrists warm and warm and make sure that you don't cool off as fast as you get fresh temperatures. Also, you can
Combine the colorful cuffs perfectly to your spring outfits. Give free rein to your imagination and design pleasure. This is how spring can come!

Sets-Combine your spring look with our stylish accessories!

We offer you the great opportunity to combine our spring attendants with easy access. With our cool Sets you have all the options in mind, how you can pep up your outfit with fashionable accessories such as headbands, handcuffs and scarves. The most beautiful thing is when all the accessories are matched to each other and fit together. A fashionable and
High-quality set of us from the wishproject Atelier Gotha makes the Stylene and Combine quite simple. This is why a soft hair band gives you wind-protected ears, while the light cloth nestles around your neck and perfectly complements the matching warm cuffs of this cudacle set. Get your now Favorite Set in the tollest spring colours for
Your start to the long-awaited spring!

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