Why you should also have suitable sets and fashion accessories

Fashion is not only about clothing itself, but also the right accessories. This is exactly what can complete or destroy a look. So that you can avoid mistakes when styling our products and can no longer confuse the different trends, we want to tell you a few tips & tricks here:

Happy Little Bag

Leave everything unnecessary at home and only take what you really need with you. With the Happy Little Bag you can not only enjoy the luxury of two free hands, but also live out your own style with this small shoulder bag. The bags are perfect, for example, to stow the smartphone, which can now be made with ease to take photos. The bags are also suitable for stowing the FFP2 masks.

Accessories for children

We also offer stylish and particularly fluffy accessories for the younger ones. In our range you can not only find triangular scarves with a wide variety of motifs, but also loop scarves, which offer themselves excellently for the transition period. WishProject's products promise that the children are warm and well packed at any time.

Arm gums

Depending on the length, the arm tulips can not only keep the wrist, but also keep the complete forearm warm. They are not only stylish and spice up every outfit, but are also more comfortable to wear if the summer nights slowly become cooler.

Knitting stumps | Bordeaux

The gauntlets that have the color of dark cherry red are made of rope and black cotton. In any weather, the gauntlets protect against wind and keep your wrists warm. With these cuffs you can add the last to your outfit and do not have to lose the comfort of warmed wrists. Thanks to the use of cotton jersey and cotton niki, the cuffs are warm and soft.

A wide variety of bags for everyday use

No matter whether shoulder bag, sports bag a bag for the lunch package or just for the smartphone - with us you will find your new loved one. We offer practical pockets in the most beautiful colors, designs and best materials.

Triangle cloth & gauntlet | set

With these triangular cloths and gauntlets, you are perfectly prepared for the colder months. Whether autumn wind, snow or spring wind - with this set you will not notice anything. Niki wore these beautiful accessories every month, the style and the feeling - excellent. Cuddly soft microfiber plush in connection with comfortable cotton jersey.

However, it still looks best when all accessories are coordinated. This set makes it easy to mix and adapt everything. Wind and weather are not a problem because the gauntlets keep the wrists warm and the triangle protects your neck.

Set | Black Flamingo Bunny Scrunchies

What embodies summer and warmth better than flamingos? And what does almost every woman need with increasing heat? Exactly, Scrunchies. So why not connect both? This set consists of a black and a cream -white scrunch, which were provided with small flamingos. As soon as you started using Scrunchies, you no longer want to use conventional hair ties. With the Scrunchies you can conjure up every conceivable hairstyle - whether Messibun, ponytail or braided hairstyle. With the right scrunch, every hairstyle becomes a hit. This set includes a black and a cream -white scrunch with the associated loops.

Light towels

No matter what time in the year - we love to cuddle! Even in the warmer seasons, we don't want to be with a button without our triangles. You can not only wear the scarf on both sides, but also with an asymmetrical cut. You can also find our triangular towels without a button here, ideal for hot days or if you just don't need that much fabric.

Summer scarf XXL | Palm Beach | Wild & funky

This scarf is a neckerchief in simple jeans gray. However, we would not be wishproject if we would leave it so simple. The neckerchief is printed on one side with red, pink and yellow palm leaves. This is rounded off with the different borders. Whether as a scarf or just laid around your shoulders, this neckerchief will round off your outfit.

And if it is after something simpler, you can simply turn the printed side inwards. This XXL scarf can be used in any season. In winter, it offers himself perfectly for snuggling up and brings you back to the beach thanks to the palm leaves. In summer you can wear it over your shoulders as a stole.


When it comes to designing new WishProject products, we attach great importance to functionality, high quality and attractiveness. We have been creating fashionable and functional accessories for 14 years, whereby we are very payable where our materials and fabrics come from. Each of our accessories reflects our passion for color and detail as well as our high standards of quality. Not to forget that certain degree of craziness.

Scrunchies & hair tie

If you want to give your look that certain icing on the cake, you also pay attention to your hair accessories. In keeping with our other WishProject products, we also offer scrunchies and hair ties. You will surely find the perfect scrunch that will make your hair shine.


The triangle scarf is a must-have that we created to keep you warm in wind and weather. Due to the button and the loop, which are attached to the scarf, you can wear it in a wide variety of variations. Loopschal, bolero, hooded scarf or normal as a triangular scarf - the choice is entirely with you. You can also choose between the light version, which consists of cotton niki, or the heavy, but also warmer version, which consists of microfiber plush. Our materials are made in Germany and are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 checked and approved.

Gloves and feasts

Our feasts not only keep your fingers and hands warm, but also help your winter outfit to give that certain something. The heat is stored by a fluffy microfiber plush and 100% cotton and returned to you. This makes them the ideal gloves for a snowball battle, without having to worry about that your hands freeze too quickly.

Hoodies and hats

No matter whether strong wind or the largest snowstorm - our large plush hoods and hoodie & loop will keep your ears warm all the time.

And it is so easy to spice up your looks properly and avoid errors when styling. There are a wide variety of designs and accessories, everyone will find something for themselves.

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