The best maths and scarves you will ever find

Fäustlings should not only be there to keep your hands warm, you should also look good. We mostly underestimate the feasts, but they keep our hands warmer than gloves. Our hands are naturally warm and also hand over these warmth, the feasts help to maintain this warmth naturally.

Of course there is nothing better than feasts if you want to spend time outside at colder seasons. It is easy to build the perfect snowman with them or even to shape one or two snowballs.

When should you wear the maiden?

Can you put on your meatlings if you just want to go to the supermarket? Of course!

The good thing about meatlings is that you can easily put them on and pull them off. In contrast to gloves, where you have to pull each individual finger before the glove can get over the entire agreement, you can pull off feasts in just one train.

Another advantage over conventional gloves is that you will never have the problem that the rings or even other jewelry that we wear on our hands get stuck or agreed.

Fäustlings and scarves look great together

To stay warm in the winter months, you should also get a scarf. If you want to make a real fashion statement here, make sure when buying your scarf coordinates with your meatlings. Thanks to the creative team behind Wishproject, the coordination of these two winter must-havees is easy.

Of course, you don't have to coordinate the feasts and scarves. After all, there are so many beautiful designs that you can choose from, how should you commit to a favorite design?

Easy care

Our meatlings and scarves become made of a plush material that is easy to maintain. As much as you want it, you can't prevent clothes dirty. The more beautiful it is to know that our scarves and feasts are easy to wash in the washing machine. After the laundry, you can quickly find your way back into your shape. The best thing is that you dry quickly.

For whom are the maths and scarves for?

Whether big or small, everyone can wear them, but we also believe that our fashion is made for people who have stayed young in the heart. Fashion should be functional, but why should the fun factor stay behind? Functionality and fun, that's exactly what you get from us.

We love to coordinate accessories and spend the time outside, especially in the colder months of the year. Because who says that winter fashion has to be boring and gray?

It should definitely not. So why not bring your winter drawer with some of our scarves to light up? However, you should not ignore your "Fäustling drawer".

Everyone should have a meat drawer, which puts a smile on your face when opening it alone. So pack your drawer with a wide variety of colors that will give you joy as soon as you put on your maids.

The best thing about everything? The feasts and our other products were made to give you joy over many winter months. They are of the highest quality and will stay on your side for a long time.

Last but not least, it should not go unmentioned that our meatlings and bowls are particularly suitable as a gift. So if you want to keep your hands warm this winter, you should give up an order.

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