Unisex triangular scarf | chic and warm through the winter

The unisex winter triangular scarf - your ideal partner look!

Woman with winter triangle scarf and headband in the snow

When it gets cold and uncomfortable outside, it's time to dress warm again. For us women this is just a welcome opportunity to finally wear our stylish winter coats, hats and our triangular scarf for a walk. Finally it can Summer cloth be exchanged for the warm loop and bring variety back into the cloakroom. During winter walks, strolling through town or meeting friends, there are many ways to put the scarf in the limelight and to get a few envious glances. Men, on the other hand, usually find it a little more difficult when choosing accessories. The scarf from the last few years is usually brought out again - the main thing is that it keeps you warm. Not anymore! Our practical triangular scarf is available in so many colors that some of them are guaranteed to be unisex! It was only a matter of time before men got a taste for the loop scarf. We at wishproject have of course long since provided all the men in our friends and family with stylish men’s scarves! So far, the response has been consistently positive. No wonder, after all, the universal scarf can be worn and combined in a variety of ways and is still super comfortable. The typical button on the scarf can simply be hidden behind the fabric, if necessary, or it can be used as a sophisticated detail. While we women like to put the triangular scarf over their shoulders as a bolero, men can wear the scarf as an iconic loop.  

Triangular scarves for men - chic and warm through the winterYoung man with unisex triangular scarf in the snowy forest

The fabric of the triangular shawls is nice and warm and looks really chic in the matching design. We manufacture our triangular scarves for men and women in the Wishproject Atelier in Gotha. Our loop scarves are all handmade and can be customized in color and fabric if necessary. We pay attention to the origin of our materials and only use textiles that have been tested for harmful substances. Do you fancy a winter partner look? Then now find the right accessory for you with us at the shop and shows how stylish you are together! Our unisex triangular scarves look trendy with every coat - whether on a female or male body, it doesn't matter. Choose between many different colors and our playful patterns. Our triangular scarves are often two-colored, which gives the loop scarf a particularly cool look. For example, our men’s triangular shawls are made of black outer fabric and have a dark gray lining on the other side. Of course, we would also like to encourage men to show their colors. A colorful triangular scarf on a gray winter's day can quickly improve your mood! Incidentally, the men's scarf is also wonderfully suitable as a Christmas or birthday present! So ladies - if you're still looking for a gift idea, you've come to the right place! Men also appreciate stylish accessories - sometimes women just have to help out a little. Loop scarves upgrade every outfit and make the winter look something very special!

The men's triangular scarf  - Wishproject is very versatile

Man with wishproject triangular scarf

Shawls and scarves for men can be combined in many ways. We have different fabrics on offer, from which you can choose how your or the men's triangular scarf should be made. Our loop scarves are easy to pull on and can be opened with a button and loop. The sewn edges and the particularly soft structure of the scarf will ensure that you and your partner never want to take off the triangular scarf.  You want the right ones right away Gloves, Cap, mask or a hair band buy in addition? Conveniently, we offer in our shop many sets that are color-coordinated. So you are on the safe side when putting together your outfit!


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