Trend colors spring/summer 2022

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The trend colors 2022– and how you combine them

What trend colors await you for spring/summer 2022? And how do you combine the new tones in the warm season?

Trend color red spring/summer 2022
Trend color red musselin cloth red with dot
My heart beats for red

The signal color red made it into fashion. The trend color can be seen everywhere on the catwalks of the world. So in summer our outfits can shine.

How do I combine red?
Spring scarf summer cloth trend color pink 2022
50 shades of pink trend color pink 2022
50 Shades of Pink

Pink to pink in all facets are among the biggest trend colors in spring/summer 2022. From delicate sorbet to shimmering berry tones, everything is included. That's great, because everyone really finds his perfect pink tone here.
How do I combine pink 

You create a cool statement look when you wear pink or pink to bright red. Feminine has a combination of cream or beige nuances, a pink/pink cloth for the jeans look.

  As blue as the sky and the sea

All of the oceans were presented at the Fashion Weeks for spring and summer. The designer labels show that even darker and richer colors work perfectly in the warm season.

How do I combine blue?

There are actually no no-gos here. Do you like it elegant? Then combine to pure white. Or cool and stylish to pink and rich grass green.

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