Stulpen `124Strick `1244; berries


Beery sounds are just beautiful. These steps out Fake tricks are fed with grey cotton.

No matter what the weather, you're protected by stumps and warmed by wrists.

With stumps, you give every outfit the final touch. Armstulips not only keep your wrists nice and warm, they are also a practical accessory. The material mix of cotton jersey and cotton niki make this particle comfortable and soft. You will find the right cloth Here.


Colourful and chic you are well equipped with armpits for wind and weather. Autumn wind, snow boots, spring wind- all easy and cozy.

 What makes this piece of cloth so special?

  • versatile combined

  • Material: Polyester knitted or crocheted fabrics

  • Colour: Berry & Grey

  • Do not use a dishwasher or put it in the dryer.



Made with ♥ in the wishproject Atelier Gotha

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