Scrunchie | Pusteblume | Black & White

The skin-delicate, and fine of the pusteblumen patchwork is happy and enthrals again and again. We love this!
Combine this handsome accessory with your favorite outfits.

The fact that the scrunchies are back is no longer a secret. Scrunchie Alert! For quite a while now these hairs have taken the way back to our heads. Be it MessiBun, elder Dutt, Horsetail-with the Scrunchie, your styling is not set to any limits. And if you don't wear the particles in the hair right now, then it's definitely an eye-catcher on your wrist. DU will determine the style. ♥


What makes this Wishparticle so special?
  • multi-purpose combinable

  • different carrying variants: MessiBun, elder Dutt, Horse-tail ...

  • Material: cotton njersey designed by wishproject
  • Color: Dark Red

  • Washable up to 40 ° do not use a fabric softener and do not enter the dryer



Made with ♥ in wishproject Atelier Gotha

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