Triangular Stud | Fliegenpilz | Red & Pünktchen


For all red lovers, bright red with white dots as conspicuous as a fly mushroom in the forest. With this Little Red Riding Hood you are guaranteed not to be lost. This triangular cloth is anything but toxic, because it was produced in Germany from certified organic materials.

Thanks to the button and loop, you have, as usual, four different carrying variants. You decide whether Bolero, Loopschal, Kapuzenschal or Dreiecksschal.

Choose between: your triangular studs as you like it:
Cotton niki (LEICHTe variant)
Microfiber plush (WARMe variant)

What makes this Wishparticle so special?

  • Combi accessory, variable by means of button and loop
  • versatile wearable: e.g. as triangular stun, loop scarf, hood or bolero
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Innenstoff: cotton niki or microfiber plush
  • Colour: Oberstoff: Rot mit Weißen Points | Fodder: Red
  • Washable up to 40 ° do not use a fabric softener and do not enter the dryer


Made with ♥ in wishproject Atelier Gotha

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