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Dusty green in combination with grey. This triangular scarf made of soft muslin in green and grey is simply, super soft and cozy due to the fabric combination.

Did you know:

Triangles symbolize in some teachings, the four known elements – fire, water, earth air.

Thus, the triangle, the tip of which points upwards, stands for Fire and energy. If this shape has a horizontal line below the top, it stands for Air and time. A downward-pointing triangle stands for Water and space. If this triangle has a stroke, it symbolizes Earth and Matter.

Super nice and practical, because you can wear the combined talent, as usual, in four variants. You decide whether loop-scarf, Bolero Hooded scarf or triangular scarf.

Choose Between:
Cotton niki (light version)
Microfiber plush (warm version)

What makes this wish particle so special?

  • Combination accessory, variable by button and loop
  • versatile: e.B. as triangular scarf, loop scarf, hooded scarf or bolero
  • Upper fabric: cotton muslin
  • Inner fabric: cotton niki or microfiber plush
  • Colour: Upper fabric: Green & Grey | Lining: Grey
  • do not use a softener up to 40° and do not put it in the dryer

Made with ♥ at wishproject Atelier Gotha

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