Clothing with inner values

Cotton is the most frequently used textile fiber in the world. It is also called "white gold".
Organic cotton belongs to the family of environmentally friendly natural fibers. Anyone who relies on organic cotton supports farmers who do not use synthetic and chemical fertilizers on their acreage for at least three years and, instead of harmful pesticides, use the power of nature in the form of certain types of insect.
That's why we are aware of Organic cotton decided as a material for school clothing.
Specifically, organic cotton signals a consciously lived responsibility for the environment by relying on ecological and sustainable agriculture when growing.
The cotton made of organic production is soft and cuddly, with an extra portion of a clear conscience.
  • 91 % less water consumption.
  • 46 % fewer CO2 emissions.
  • 62 % less energy consumption.
Girl holds small plant with earth in their hands
Together a livable future design in which our children can live well.
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You can even make a contribution to environmental protection when caring for textiles:Click here for our organic accessories for women