Trend colors winter 21/22


Just in time for the dirty and thus cuddling weather, the first part of the trend colors of the "Fashion Week" for winter 21/22 comes here.

We looked around the catwalks of the world.
Enjoy browsing! Here we go:

Red Is one of the most popular fashion and trend colors of the 2021 winter season and was seen on almost all catwalks in the world during the fashion shows. The bright "Fire Whirl" was particularly used in New York, while "Red Alert" and Burgundyrotes "and Burgundyrotes" and Burgundyrotes "and Burgundyrotes" were particularly useful in New YorkWinery"How the proverbial" red thread "pulled through the fashion collections of the designer label.

How do I combine red?
Red all-over is great as a color trend on the catwalk, but mostly too violent for everyday life. Individual highlight pieces in red harmonize, on the other hand, to trend looks in cream white, black and nude. The combination of several red tones also works well. Bordeaux red is extremely grateful, for example, and fits perfectly with black, other red tones as well as curry, pink or cream.



Shining sun yellow with the sonorous name"Illuminating"Pantone has already been to"Color of the Year 2021"Chosen, was present everywhere in summer and also determines the color palette in autumn and winter. Then comes with "Dailily" A warm orange -yellow that saves the summer in the cold season.
How do I combine yellow?
Yellow is a great companion to jeans blue, olive or black and in winter 2021 it also fits wonderfully with silver, gray, brown, cream and red tones.





Easy to combine, always suitable for denim outfits and less hard than black, "Midnight" Blue is another classic trend color for autumn and winter - night blue as deep as the night sky and almost infinitely beautiful.
How do I combine dark blue?
Similar to black, dark blue is a styling depression. The combination for autumn and winter is particularly beautiful to dark Bordeaux, gray or curry and mint.


to be continued ...


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