10 accessories for the cold season

10 essential accessories to look fashionable in winter

Is it cold and uncomfortable outside? It's high time to bring some color into the gray everyday winter and your outfit with a few smart ones Winter accessories spice it up. Sweatpants and cuddly sweaters are our best friends, especially in these dreary months. Then when we leave the house, we wrap our bodies in thick coats and boots to keep us from freezing. But anyone who thinks that winter is not the time to put yourself in the limelight is wrong!

Cozy and warm - with these winter accessories through the cold season

Even the simplest winter outfit can be spiced up in no time with a chic scarf, a cool hat, a headband or a pair of gloves. Are you looking for some styling ideas? Here they come!

1. The loop scarf

The loop scarf is a tube scarf or round scarf that usually has no beginning and no end. It's super cozy and great to combine. We provide ours Loops by hand with great love and use high-quality fabrics. The special thing about our loop scarves: They have a button that you can put in the limelight or hide if necessary.

2. The gloves

When it's cold, gloves that keep your fingers nice and warm should not be missing. It gets particularly stylish when the Gloves match the design of the scarf. We use the same fabrics for our handmade gloves as for the loops!


3. The headband

The headband is a great alternative to the winter hat. Especially if you like hairstyles like one Bun they are super practical and stylish. We love our homemade ones Hair bands and headbands. Give your outfit the finishing touches with them!

4. The scrunchie

Why we Scrunchies prefer normal hair ties, we have already told you here (Link to the Scrunchie Blog). They not only protect your hair, they also put hairstyles in the limelight. You can find our scrunchies in many colors and patterns, often matching our headbands!

5. The hooded scarf

A hat is often more practical than a headband, especially when it rains or snows. You will be an eye-catcher with our creations Hoodie scarves. You already know the principle of the loop scarf. You can easily convert our hooded scarves into a hat or hood! To do this, you simply fold up the loop scarf! In the shop you will find great examples of how you can style the hooded scarf.


6. The triangular scarf

The Triangular scarf is one of our favorite products because it can be used in so many ways. You can wear it as a loop scarf, bolero, hooded scarf or triangular scarf! We use high quality fabrics that we adapt to the seasons. You will find many cozy, warm triangular scarves from us in many colors, all handmade with a lot of love in our wishproject studio!


7. The gauntlets

In our opinion, cuffs for the wrists are underrated Winter accessory! In combination with a scarf and headband, you can upgrade a simple outfit with them in no time at all. It also keeps the body warm when you protect your sensitive wrists from the cold. Let yourself be by ours homemade gauntlets to inspire!

8. The shoulder bag

The matching bag is of course part of the great winter accessories. Do you already know ours? Little happy bag? It is ideal when you want to transport small things like your cell phone. We also make beautiful pouch bags, hip gym bags and cool lunch bags by hand.


9. The mask

In times of pandemic, the mask has become a necessary companion. However, instead of seeing it as an annoying companion, you can also turn the everyday mask into a stylish winter accessory! Tune them on to your hat, scarf or gloves and choose between many patterns and colors. Our recyclable Happy Masks with antibacterial effect you can easily wash!


10. Stylish Sets

Would you like to combine all the winter accessories presented? Then we have good news for you! We provide stylish sets where cuffs, headband and loop scarf are already matched!


Winter accessories to fall in love with

We hope we were able to give you some ideas on how to enhance your winter look with winter accessories such as loop scarves, headbands and the like! Just take a look around our shop and discover handmade accessories that have been created with a lot of love. We are also happy to respond to your individual wishes. Have fun browsing!

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