Scrunchie | Seagull | Striped

Let's face it, you'd have to be seagulls at times. Hanging around by the sea all day, stifing fish rolls and rocking on the waves.
Small, thick seagulls and fine maritime stripes romp around on this scrunchie. Ahoy! By the way, we also have the right cloth: Here

The fact that the Scrunchies are back is no longer a secret. Scrunchie Alert! For quite some time now, these hair rubbers have made their way back to our heads. Whether MessiBun, elder Dutt, ponytail - with the Scrunchie there are no limits to your styling. And if you're not wearing the particle in your hair right now, it's definitely an eye-catcher on your wrist. DU determine the style. ♥


What makes this wish particle so special?
  • versatile combinable

  • different wearing variants: MessiBun, elder Dutt, ponytail...

  • Material: Cotton jersey
  • Color: White & Blue

  • do not use a softener up to 40° and do not put it in the dryer



Made with ♥ at wishproject Atelier Gotha

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