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you ever heard of a Cherry-Mint Mojito? As fruity and exciting as this cocktail sounds, our turquoise triangular towel with red cherries is also playful. You can find the recipe below... ;)

Neither wind nor weather have a chance with this triangular cloth. The extra portion of sophistication is provided by the sweet grey button, which allows you to wear four wearing variants in unit with loop. You decide whether bolero, loop scarf, hooded scarf or triangular scarf.

Just as you need it, choose between:
Cottonniki (LEICHTe variant)
Microfiberpllüsch (WARMe variant)


  • Combination accessory, variable by button and loop
  • wearable: triangular scarf, loop scarf, bolero or hooded scarf
  • fabric: cotton
  • fabric: cotton niki or microfiber plush
  • Color: outer fabric: turquoise blue with red cherries, Lining: Grey
  • washable up to 40° do not use a softener and do not put in the dryer
 with ♥ wishproject Atelier Gotha


👇Recipe Cherry-Mint Mojito👇
4 cl Pitu (Aguardente de Cana)
Mint, fresh
1 lime(s)
tbsp, heaped cane sugar, light
(cherry syrup)
Crushed Ice
4/8 in a glass. Sprinkle with the cane sugar. Add mint leaves at will and crush.

Add the pitu and mix with a spoon until the sugar has dissolved. Top up with Crushed Ice, Soda and Cherry Syrup, stir and enjoy or serve.... Cheers 🍸




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