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You are looking for a great gift for a special woman? A surprise with loving details and lots of great content? Then our gift box may be just right for you.

With this set, consisting of Arm warmers and hair band, you are perfectly equipped. Bad Hair Days are just a question of color selection, because of course our set's are also in different colors. The hair band protects in the wind and it conjures you a fine splash of color. The cuffs make an eye-catcher from every simple outfit.

Animalprint, flowers and fresh colors make this set a magical accessory ensemble.
we Pay attention to ecological standard in our choice of materials. 

What makes this Wish particle so special

    • Set: Arm warmers + hair band, gift box with flower print, postcard and confetti

    • Material: Cotton Niki | Cotton jersey

    • Color: green | Colorful

    • Washable up to 40 ° do not use fabric softener and do not add to the dryer

Made with ♥ At Wishproject Atelier Gotha

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