Triangular text 124Vintage flowers 124pink

Simple fate enchants you with this playful triangle trick in your outfit. Super beautiful and practical, because neither wind nor weather have a chance at this favorite part.
The extra portion of sophistication is supplied by the simple black button, which in combination with loops equals four carrying variants. You decide whether Bolero, loop shell, hood or triangle shell. 


Choose Between:
Cotton yarn (light version)
Microfessional supplement (heat variant)

What makes this piece of cloth so special?

  • Combination Accessories, variable by button and loop

  • versatile portable: e.g. as triangle cloth, loop shell, hood or bolt

  • Surface: cotton

  • Interior: Cotton or microfibre accessories


  • Colour: Coat: Pink flower pattern `124feed: grey

  • Do not use a dishwasher or put it in the dryer.


Made with ♥ in the wishproject Atelier Gotha


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