Agent Monkey | Cable Organizer Clip | Multitool 6 colors

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Annoying cable salad ade! With Agent Monkey, you bring more than just order to your life. This stylish all-rounder cable organizer makes your everyday life easier in all areas, because it offers comfort, security and order.

Product details at a glance:
  • Cable Organizer for Charging Cables
  • Organizer for Headphones
  • Headphones Clip
  • Webcam cover
  • Made in Germany
  • Made from ocean plastic
  • ÖkoTex100

With Agent Monkey, you can organize your chargers and headphones anytime, anywhere, whether you're at home, while playing sports, or on the go. The multitool developed by us helps you save time: Instead of untangling your cables for about 10 minutes a day, you now only spend a few seconds and have all your cables ready. This gives you more time for activities that are really important to you.

Agent Monkey Multitool | Cable management | Cable Organizer

Cable organizer,Webcam cover and headphones clip in one. 

Also as a webcam cover Agent Monkey makes a great figure. Due to its multitool function, it can also be used as a cover for the webcam of your laptop and your tablet.

The fight against the plastic flood!

The latest Agent Monkey collection consists of recycled PET bottles, plastic straws and other fibres fished from the sea.

By using recycled polyester for our products, we not only focus on the recycling process, but also help clean our oceans from the plastic distributed in the water. Better environment, better tomorrow!

Want to know more about our Agent Monkey invention? Then have a look www.agent-monkey.com

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