Little Happy Bag of Roses

Little Happy Bag.

The small bag for safe storage

Model: pink glitter

Feed: grey Flower

We've designed a small bag to give you quick access to your most important things. Cell phone, face mask, keys and the little tools of everyday life can be found here. This way, you have your hands free for the really important situations in life. The Little Happy Bag is not only extremely chic, but also protects its contents from splash water and bumps. We'll make you a little shoulder bag out of a vegan washer. You can wear them in all the different versions. Either as a cross-body bag, on one shoulder, as a breast bag, or as a hip-pack/ belt bag around the hip. With the adjustable soft socket you can adjust the length of the mobile handbag. You decide the style.

  • All smartphone types fit in the Little Happy Bag
  • you have the most important
  • Not only smartphone and everyday mask, but also cash and bank card, keys, etc. fit into the small pocket.
  • We make the smartphone bag for you from a vegan washing machine
  • For the feed we use 100% cotton
  • The Little Happy Bag can be washed at 30o's
  • the shoulder bag offers a high comfort thanks to the variable soft bag, even if it is fully packed
  • magnetic closure, this facilitates quick opening when the phone rings
  • Compact design 14x20 cm; Soft bar adjustable to 140cm

  • A practical space wonder

  • This handbag is a practical all-rounder. Despite its compact design and its everyday size, the bag offers space for smartphones of all sizes. All important tools such as keys, money, bank card or your face mask etc. fit into the Little Happy Bag. No matter how small and impenetrable the phone surface seems, it is a real space wonder. Every bag that leaves our factory is manufactured by us in Germany. We attach the utmost importance to good processing. The strap on the shoulder bag is made of soft, elastic Jersey and adjustable in length. Even packed, she keeps her comfort. For the closure of the Little Happy Bag, we have deliberately chosen light magnets, this facilitates the quick opening when the phone rings. After opening, it practically closes itself again. For the outside we use different colored, vegan washer, for the inside 100% cotton. You can wear the small cape bag from both sides: funky torches or colourful cotton, matching your style.

  • combine appropriately

  • Little Happy Bag is in your hand. It can of course be combined with other pockets as you wish. You want to shop and you got a big shopping bag where you can't find anything that fast? It's no problem. With the Little Happy Bag, you have everything that is important ready to be grasped quickly and also free your hands. You want to travel and want your passport, as well as the flight tickets stored on your smartphone, to be quickly accessible? No problem, because with the Little Happy Bag that you wear comfortably in the Crossbody Bag Style, you have your hands free, for your weekend planner, packed with your things for the city trip. You're on a sporting trip and you still want to bring your essentials? It's no problem. Smartphone, keys and protein locks are perfectly placed in the small pouch.

  • trendy and organized

  • Leave everything that is too much where it is and take only the most important things with you. Enjoy the freedom to have both hands free with the mini crossover bag. With a small shoulder bag you really prove style. Mobile phone cases for hanging are in full swing, because you have your smartphone immediately at your fingertips. To capture a unique moment in a photo, to chat, or to make a phone call. Due to the current situation, you always have your everyday mask with you. In the Little Happy Bag it is stowaway.

  • made with ♥ at wishproject Atelier Gotha
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