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Why you should have matching sets and fashion accessories

Fashion isn't just about clothes, and we've known for a long time that the right accessories can create or ruin a look. So, don't continue to make terrible errors when it comes to matching our baubles to your outfits. You may become disoriented if you include the trends as well. Fortunately, there are ways to simplify the "accessorizing principles," reducing them to a basic guideline that will subsequently assist you in creating your successful combinations. Here are ways that will garnish your look;

Happy Little Bag

Leave everything else behind and take just the most necessary items with you. With the Happy Little Bag, you may enjoy the convenience of having both hands free. You can truly show off your style with a tiny shoulder bag. Smartphone bags are popular because they allow you to access your phone quickly. To freeze a special moment in a photograph, conversation, or phone call. You always have your regular mask with you due to the current scenario.

Children's accessories

We also provide stylish and, most all, cuddly kid's accessories for the small ones. Children's triangle scarves with bright and fun motifs, or children's loop scarves for the chilly season. Wishproject goods ensure that the kids are constantly warm and well-packed.

Wrist Warmers | Arm Warmers | Sleeves

Wrist and arm warmers, also known as cuffs, are not only a stylish addition to any ensemble, but they are also warm and comfortable to wear in the cooler months or on sweltering summer evenings.


Knitted Gauntlets | Bordeaux

The cuffs are styled with a dark cherry red fake knit lining and black cotton niki. You are shielded by cuffs and kept warm on your wrists regardless of the weather. With gauntlets, you can add the final touches to any ensemble. Arm warmers are a useful adornment as well as a way to keep your wrists warm. This particle is warm and soft thanks to a material blend of cotton jersey and cotton niki.


Shoulder Bags, Lunch Bags, Gym Bags, and Phone Bags are all available.

Whether it's a shoulder bag, belt bag, gym bag, lunch bag, or mobile phone bag for hanging, you'll discover your new favorite friend for everyday life or extremely special events in our extensive collection. Practical bags in the most gorgeous colors, designs, and materials, all carefully created.


Triangle Cloth & Cuffs / Set

You're well-prepared for the chilly months, discreet and stylish. Autumn wind, sleet, and spring wind are all simple and pleasant. Niki wore these lovely accessories in all other months the style and feel - excellent Crown. Cuddly soft microfibre plush in conjunction with comfortable cotton jersey and Niki wore these beautiful accessories in all other months the style and feel - good Crown.

It looks best when all of the accessories match. This set makes it simple to mix and match. Wind and weather are no problem since the cuff keeps your wrists warm and the fluffy fabric with button hugs your neck.


Set | Black Flamingo Bunny Scrunchies

Summer and warmth are embodied by flamingos. This black and cream white pair is made even more stylish by the tiny flamingo designs on the scrunch. If you've ever used a scrunch, you won't want to use any other hair rubber. With the scrunch, you can create any hairstyle you like, whether it's a messibun, ponytail, or whistling hairdo. Your hairdo will be completed with the matching scrunch in your hair. A black scrunch, a cream white, and sanding are included in this combination.


Light Scarfs

We enjoy snuggling. Throughout the year! Even in the hotter part of the year, we don't want to be without our triangular scarves with buttons! Not only can you wear the scarf on both sides, but you can also change it up with the asymmetrical cut. Our big triangular scarves without buttons may also be found here. Ideal for hot days or when you don't require as much fabric.


Summer Scarf XXL | Palm Beach | Wild & Funky

This wide neck scarf is a fantastic accessory with grey jeans and palm palms in rich red, pink, and yellow hues, as well as different borders. Do you have a desire for color? There's a lot of it in this triangular scarf. Wear it as a scarf or wrap it around your shoulders.

Are you seeking for a non-obtrusive piece of jewelry? Turn the fabric over and add a touch of gray to your ensemble. This XXL scarf is appropriate for all seasons. In the winter, it's perfect for cuddling, and in the summer, it's perfect as a stole over the shoulders. Chic and just stunning!



It's practical, attractive, and well-made. When it comes to designing new Wishproject accessories, these are our ideals. We've been creating fashionable and functional accessories for over 14 years. We place a premium on the utilitarian value of our goods. Each of our accessories reflects our passion for color and detail, as well as our high standards for quality and conscience, as well as a good dose of craziness. We are paying close attention to the origins of all of the textiles and materials we use.


Scrunchies & Hair Bands

Every look is enhanced by matching hair accessories. You may match your other Wishproject accessories with a hairband or scrunchie, in addition to looking gorgeous. Colorful, useful, and very stunning.


Try Triangle Scarfs

The triangular scarf is a must-have item that we created to keep you warm and comfortable in any weather. This scarf has four distinct carrying options thanks to the button and flexible loop. You choose whether to wear a loop scarf, a Bolero, or a triangle scarf, a Hooded scarf. Choose from cotton Niki (light version) or microfiber plush (heavier version) (warm version) Our materials are made in Germany and are OEKO-TEX ® STANDARD 100 approved.


Gloves or Mittens

Our warm mitten gloves keep your fingers and hands warm while also making you appear fashionable. Warmth is provided with a cuddly soft microfibre plush and 100% cotton. The ideal gloves for a quick snowball battle or to protect your hands from becoming chilly in the winter.


Hoodies and Hats

Whether it's windy or snowing, our big, plush hooded scarves and hoodie loops will keep your ears toasty warm at all times.


It's simple: there are so many different clothing designs, as well as a variety of different accessories for various body parts and, to add a little color to the mix, there are also different hues.




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